Barbie Nurse

eden t.


It was super early in the morning I heard cough and a little whisper, I heard ice hitting the edge of a cup, water filling the cup, then… silence.

“What is going on?” I thought to myself.

Then I thought, “it must have just been mom or dad getting a drink and going to the bathroom.” Little did I know it was way more intense.

I woke up and went upstairs expecting to see my mom, expecting to my dad.
But I saw my grandma. I ran over to her yelling,


She got up from the couch and gave me a big hug. She set me down and looked at me with a smile.

“When did you get here?” I asked

“I came in super early this morning. Your mom and dad are at the hospital. You will get to see your baby brother soon! Isn’t that exciting?”

“Yeah it is! When do we get to see him?”

“I don’t know yet, but we will.” She answered

I walked over to a cabinet and opened it. Right as I started to say, “Wanna play a game,” my grandma’s phone rang. I heard the button beep as if it said, “You may talk,” when she answered the call. I grabbed my Barbies listening to grandma’s words and the mumble of the person on the other side without thinking. I heard the hint of worry in their voices as if they are trying to hide it but can’t. As if she can feel me listening, she walked out of the room, slowly disappearing into the house. I thought nothing of it after she left and continued with my toys. Little did I know that this day could have changed my life forever.

“Hey Eden we’re going to head to the hospital to be with your mom and dad.” Said grandma. As we left I asked if we could get food so we stopped at a Chick-Fil-A for lunch. When we got to the hospital we walked into a conversation my dad was having with the doctor.

“She keeps having these stomach pains and has been throwing up. Do you know what the problem might be?” Said my dad to the doctor.

“We are certain she is just having stomach cramps and nausea from the pregnancy. We will put a warm washcloth on her stomach area to help her.”

As sat in the hospital chair playing with my barbies, I dropped my barbie on the far away ground. I leaned over and glanced over the cliff of a chair and grabbed my barbie. While I was doing this I saw my Dad finally finished talking to the doctor and sat down next to me. His foot began bouncing up and down so fast, I could tell he was nervous. I slid out of my seat leaving my barbies behind and climbed into up into my dads lap trying my best to comfort him.

Making my dad smile for even a second made me happy. Just as I was getting comfortable the doctor called my dad over to the room where my mom was. He did not hesitate to move and told me he would be right back. I wanted  to go but I stayed where I was not wanting to cause any trouble. I watched him talk to a big group of doctors and wondered what they could be saying. As I watched the adults talk I noticed one doctor that really stuck out. She was wearing purple scrubs and had her long blonde hair up in a bun. I closed one of my eyes and put my barbie up next to her and was astonished at how much they looked alike. Barbie nurse I said to myself smiling. Right as I put my barbie at my side my grandma came back from the bathroom. I looked up and smiled at her.

¨Hey kiddo.¨ she said as she sat next to me.

¨Hi.¨ I said back.

¨Is mom okay? Everyone seems worried.¨ I asked

¨She is completely fine, there is nothing to worry about.¨ She answered.

I nodded at her as I sat on the ground and began to play with my barbies. Time seemed to fly by as I was creating my own world with the toys in my little hands. I was brought back to earth by the sudden rush of people around me. I heard beeping and doctors saying things I couldn’t understand. The pretty barbie nurse was standing next to me talking to the only people I knew, my grandma and dad.

“Tiffany has too many enzymes in her Liver. If this keeps up there is a chance that we will lose both the mother and the baby.I believe we need to give her a special kind of medicine made just for this. It will help her slow the growth of enzymes and essentially save both of their lives.”

Most of the words the barbie nurse said I did not understand but the ones I did understand scarred me more than spiders, monsters, or even the dark. I wanted to run into the room where they were hiding mom from me just so I could see her. So instead I closed my eyes and did what I was best at, I imagined. I imagined my mom playing with me. I imagined her blue eyes and long hair. I imagined every memory of her I could think of just incase I wouldn’t be able to imagine or have any more.

“I trust your judgment, let’s do it.” Said my dad as he started to walk and talk more with the nurse. I looked up at my grandma and could tell she agreed with the action that was going to happen.

“Mom is gonna be just fine there is nothing to worry about.” I thought to myself. Saying that calmed me down and I was not really worried anymore. There was a little bit of worry lingering as I began to think so instead I played with my toys. My dad came and sat down and I could tell he was finally calm. He sat with reassurance in his eyes and a smile on his face. Grandma came over and said,

“Tell her she has probably been waiting.”

“ Hey sis, I will be right back and next time you see me and your mother we will have another member to our family.”

“Okay!! Be safe.” I answered back

About 30 mins later my grandma and I were led into the room where my mom was laying. In her arms was a tiny little miracle baby, my brother.