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evan s.

Summer: The time of nothing but skin being torn apart, scratch marks from the rock hard ground, the sweet dripping down for face, the pain of your feet aching. The time where I train my butt off to be one of the best soccer players I can be. I train every Wednesday and Saturday for no more the 3 hours in the morning. For only one hour we do sprints and other conditioning activities. People say I overwork myself but it puts me in top shape to be ready for soccer. I loving being able to be in top shape and look super well condition to be on the better team. And there was one time where all that had wok really came into use. It was when I was on the jr rapids team.

I was in the Premier team (the best team that travels to Europe for tournaments.) This team means a lot to me still because it was the best team in over 25 years. This team was not very good at the beginning. We never played together and we were all new to each others. We all sucked and would never think we would be able to make it to the Liviern cup championship. We worked for 3 hours in practice of non stop running diving sweating and hard work. I would have never changed or doubted our coach but when we were doing somewhere stuff. He always knew what to do with us. This was the hardest working team I have been apart of. We ran and ran and ran for hours and would have to push through the pain. But later we will be thanking our coach for how hard he pushed us.

When our games started we started off really bad. We had problems reading the field, or making strong passes, or even just making moves around the defenders. Our games would end score like 5 to 0 or like 7 to 0. But thanks to our coach they started becoming scores like 2 to 4 and 4 to 3. We ended up just barely making the cut for the tournament down in Europe. We came into this tournament ready and prepared as we won all of our games by one or two goals! Then the time came where we never thought we would be. In the championship game competing for the trope. We came into the game very tired but because of the condition that we did before the season we were very well prepared. And the game was very back and forth before going into the most important time for our team ever. This was our coach’s last game that he would ever coach so we wanted to go out with a hard earn win. At half time our coach was very proud of us.

He said, “We have come so far as a team but most importantly we have grown as a family. We need to keep punching and challenging your brother to win this game. Good luck boys and keep working hard.”  

We went into a shoot out and we would score one then they would and then we would and then they scored again. Finally the missed a shot and all I had to do was score to win the game. All the  I walk out to the Pk spot. The crowd was screaming but all I could hear was my heartbeat.

Bump…..Bump Bump… Bump Bump….

I was so focused that I couldn’t hear a thing.

I walk up to the ball and set it up on the line… I walk back staring right into the goalie's eyes. I start to run for the ball and then……..

All I could hear was the ball going into the back of the goal and down the netting… We win!! I am in shock on the ground almost crying because this was the world to me. Later we would find out that our coach died of a heart attack. We were what he was thinking of when he died. This was shocking for the team as we supported his wife with every last moment we had with the amazing man!!

RIP David Michael

December 3rd, 2018