Burn it down

brock k.


I was hanging out with a kid named Zach and playing soccer in the field at recess in fourth grade. I started arguing with a kid when Brady came up and asked, “what’s going on?” I said this kid was being dumb. Brady laughed and said, “Hey who are you?” I replied with “Brock. Why is your hair so long?” and then he walked away. I saw him in my neighborhood and I said “Hey look it's the long haired boy.” He replied with “You want to go ride bikes?” And I said “Yes.”

Brady and I became really good friends from that day on. I met his parents, I liked them a lot, and they liked me. We both liked guns, in the past our dads worked at the same place, and my uncle and his dad work together.

We also hung around with a kid named Brian. Brian, Brady, and I weren’t that close because Brian could be nice one day then the next day he could be a real jerk. One day we were really bored so Brian asked if any of us had fireworks. It was August, hot and dry, and I said “Yes”. I went home, got the fireworks, and went to the construction site behind our houses. There were three houses that were not finished. We were in the dirt hills behind the unbuilt houses and started launching them off. A lady was in her yard and told us if we didn't stop she would call the cops so we left. We  went into the sewer and started to shooting them off, but left because it was too loud and smelled really bad. We went to the skatepark and left because it was too much in the open. Then we went to the Great Western Trail behind some random person’s house. It was starting to get dark, and we thought it would be fun to shoot the fireworks at each other. While doing that some of the fireworks landed in someone's backyard. All of our hearts dropped when my friend Brady saw a car taking pictures. We were freaking out and wanted to get out immediately so we scrammed.

We went home, changed clothes, and went to the park by our houses in Severance. We took the fireworks and launched them at the park. When Brian left to go eat, a cop came by the park and asked where he lived. Brady and I went to a different park.


I got a call from my dad saying “You need to get the hell home.” I got super scared so I was flying home on my bike. When I got to my street, I saw a cop by my house and all I thought was i'm dead right now. I was so scared that I slowed down when I got to my house where I saw my dad, my mom, and a cop. I came up to my door and the cop asked me if I knew why he was there. I said yes and he asked me to tell him what happened. He asked if anyone was involved. I asked him what Brian told him, and he said Brian told him that I did everything. When the cop was talking to me I told him that it was Brian, Brady, and I. He told me that I could have burned the person’s house down and killed them. That's when the reality hit me, and I realized that I screwed up.

My parents were really mad at me and grounded me. Instead of having a time they set up a point system. When I did chores I would get points. I had to get 250 points that took three months.

After I was grounded Brady and I started to hang out. When Brian would hang out with us, we would always get in trouble, so we stopped hanging out with him. Brady and I are still best friends even though he moved in 7th grade and had to change schools. We try to get together as soon as possible.