car wreck


mckenna h.

It was dark out and we were driving on a dirt road.  My mom’s cousin was driving, his mom was in the passenger's seat. My cousin, Kaylee was to the right of me. My younger cousin, Heather was to the left of me in her carseat. I was in the middle. Before we took off my uncle had told me to put on my seatbelt.

Late at night, we were all tired and ready for bed. We were taking the backroads to their house. I was almost asleep and then i hear a loud BANG and all of a sudden we were in a ditch.  I looked around and though for a minute. The i saw smoke from the car i was in and i ruched and took off my seatbelt then rushed my cousins out of the car. There was this family who came to help and before we were going their their car, Kaylee told Heather “it’s gonna be okay, we are okay” and when we were walking to the other car,

This event changed my whole entire life. I have ptsd from it, i cant ride in a car at dark without freaking out. I always have dreams about it and i often think about what would happen if i hadn't put on my seatbelt.

And we were in a 5 seater car, i was in the middle. My younger cousin was 4 and to the left of me in her carseat. My cousin Kaylee was the same age as me and she was to the right of me. We were driving on Saxman road and there was another car the was going the opposite way as us and they hit a deer and the deer did something their engine and the had their brights on and we couldn't see anything and the owner of the car was out looking at the car and when we came we hit Boe and he ended up passing away. I saw smoke in the car so my first thought was get out of the car, there is smoke and i rushed my cousins out of the car. As we were going to another car to stay warm in, i was sure that my cousins didn’t see the body like i did. As i was walking to the other car i saw Boe on the ground and his wife and 3 month baby in her arms and she was screaming “Boe don’t leave me. Boe don’t die!” And it was like time was moving the slowest it ever has.  After I had saw that my heart literally stopped. As we were in the crashes car, I remember telling my cousin to immediately get out of the car.