chaos of our world


Chaos means nothing is stable, nothing is linear, nothing is peaceful, nothing is fun, nothing is slow; everything is chaos. Chaos shapes every one in different ways: it petrifies some, and pushes others into action to protect the petrified and the ones too weak to fight. Most of us live our entire lives in peace: no world wars. The bigest thing most of us have to worry about is getting our kids to school and getting to work on time. You might live in a country riddled with constant civil wars or a country infested with a constant war on crime. Either way your life has little peace and the peace that is had is short lived and is quickly interrupted by more chaos.

I interviewed people and asked them how both chaos and peace has influenced their life. One said that peace has had more of an influence on there life. They said “I have never bean in a very chaotic space but peace has influenced my life heavily.”