cowboys Game


Dylan S.

Way back before I was born, my grandpa was a Cowboys fan. The reason that he is a Cowboys fan is because when he was a little boy he was amazed about the star on the helmet and the silver. We grew up in Philly, which is Eagles territory which is funny because its Eagles territory. The Cowboys and the Eagles have the greatest football rivalry of all time(in my opinion). All I know is he was a die hard Cowboys fan. He would always watch the Cowboys game when they were on, he never missed a game. His basement was decked out with cowboys gear from flags, to helmets. Everything was blue white and silver. It's almost as if when i went down there i felt as if i wasn't in Delaware anymore but that i was in Texas. He bleeds blue white and silver.

My grandpa’s love of the Cowboys rubbed off on my dad. Then it rubbed off on me. I remember when i was ten my grandpa, my dad, and me went the see the Cowboys brand new stadium.  The Cowboys were playing the redskins which were one of the cowboys rivalries because they are in the same division. It was a very heated game. It was the best game ever. Of course, the cowboys won, because they are the best. People always ask me how i'm a cowboys fan because not only am i not from Texas but i grew up in Delaware(near the Philadelphia Eagles who are the rivalry to the cowboys). I just tell them that my grandpa had a big influence from my grandpa and my dad.

But anyways, I remember the time when i went to the cowboys stadium in Arlington, Texas. We flew out to `my grandparents house, but on the way back we visited the cowboys stadium. It was the best experience ever. We got to tour the locker rooms and even go down onto the field and play football. The locker rooms were awesome. I got to sit where all of the players sit before and after the game. Me and my dad would pass the ball back and forth to each other and we realized that the field was bigger than it seemed. A forty yard pass didn't seem like a lot but when your down on the field it feels like its a 100 yard pass. After we were done playing football we went and took pictures on the Dallas star. When we finished taking the pictures we went to the restaurant that was in the stadium. It was the best food that i have ever had. I got a burger and fries and the food tasted so good that i left it a review which i never do.