phoenix D.

June 4th, the day me and my best friend Evan where going to Kona, Hawaii for a month. Evan’s dad, stepmother, and two little brothers all lived in Hawaii. I was staying the night at his mom’s house when Evan called his dad and they talked for about 5 minutes. Then Evan came back in his room, Evan handed me his phone and I heard Shawn’s voice. “Hey Shawn, what’s up man?”

“Hey Pheen, I had a quick a question for you.”

“Yea whats up”

“Me and Kristy wanted to ask you if you wanted to come to Hawaii with Evan and come see the fam.” In my body I feel my heart explode, I've never been so happy in my life.

I reply back, ‘’I would love to!”

“Great i'll see you guys in 2 weeks.” After I hung up the phone, I immediately called my mom.

“Hey mom, I have great news!”

’’Whats up Phoenix?”

“Shawn invited me to go with Evan to Hawaii.”

“For real??”

“Yes Mom! And Shawn wanted to talk to you”

“Alright get him on the phone.”

After about an hour of talking my mom puts the phone down and says “June 4th,” and at this point I wanted to cry tears of joy. We planned on staying there for a month and then decided to come back. We did this because it was cheaper to do one way tickets.

June 3rd I stayed at Evans mom’s house in Fort Collins and all we could think about was getting on the plane and go to the land of rainbows. As we were waiting to leave Evan and I stayed up all night playing our favorite video game Rainbow 6 siege. Before we got in the car Evan and I made my famous peanut butter and jelly sammy. I can’t put the secret formula here, but every bite was savory and yummy. I made these because I didn't know if I was going to die on the plane so I had to make my favorite food.

3:30 am, we left to the airport with our flight at 6 a.m, and it would take at least an hour to get to the airport in Denver. I had never been on a plane and after waiting 3 hours which felt like 10 minutes I finally was on the plane.

Evan and I sat in the very back of the plane right next to each other.On the take off i felt my heart racing as we lift off into the air. And after about 2 hours in  we had a overlay in Oregon for 2 hours. Once we landed I got nervous i've never been in this airport and Oregon's airport is huge. After about 30 min of sitting around the airport we got bored and decided to go explore the airport we found a little train system underground and we went to different parts of the airport. We ended up getting lost and had to back through the security checkpoints and get researched. witch took an hour. After getting back to our gate we thought it would be a good idea to just stay put at the gate and we only had around 30 minutes left before rebounding. Once we got on the plane again and  it was straight to Hawaii. Six straight hours of looking at blue water and white clouds after about 30 minutes of staring i thought to myself “ Just pass out I need sleep, I didn't blame myself, I hadn’t slept at all for a solid 30 hours because all I could do is think about getting to Hawaii.

I woke up to Even smiling and looking out the little window. When I looked out I was so amazed by the sight i saw my heart and body felt so warm, we were flying past Kawaii but we were staying on the big island in Kona.

Once we landed I was so confused, the whole airport was outside! After looking for our luggage we spotted Shawn. I was so happy to see him, Evan and I hadn't seen him since 2010.

After about an hour and a half I started to pour sweat, it was so humid it was hard to breath. Once we got back to the house we thought we should go swimming in the ocean, I was a little nervous because I've never been in the ocean or even seen an ocean.

Evan and I are running in the ocean, we swam for about five to six hours. When we got out my lips felt so dry and wrinkly. The walk down to the beach was about nine minutes and this was my favorite beach because of the huge waves the washed us all over the beach and ocean.

After another day at the same beach called Magic Sands we decided to go to another beach, I can't remember the name,  but it was the prettiest beach I went to in Hawaii. It was a pretty long hike down to the beach, but once we got there it was so mesmerizing. The water was light teal but as the water got deeper the water got deep blue. The vegetation around the beach was home to many little lizards, spiders, birds and scary centipedes. After another 17 days of finding new beaches, eating very delicious pineapple and after seeing paradise, I will never forget the time I went to Hawaii.