Kahl m.


One of my favorite things in the world is to go hunting with my dad. I remember when I was 8 years old and my dad took me to go and get my hunter safety license.  I was really good on the test because I got a hundred percent. After that weekend, I could go small animal hunting and hunt birds and small animals.

I remember that when I first practiced shooting my shotgun it hurt my arm because it had a lot of kick.  The gun was my dad’s first shotgun when he was a kid. The bad thing about it was it only had 1 bullet so I could only shoot at a bird once.  If didn't hit it, I could not reload fast enough to shoot again.

I remember when I first got to go dove hunting.  It was a lot of fun and it was the first time I could practice shooting at real birds.  They were fast! The doves would move random, side to side, and I did not get to kill a dove that day but I had a lot of fun.

I remember when we first went to South Dakota to hunt because it was so fun!  We stayed by a hotel that had a water park inside and my brother and I messed around on a  huge slide. I remember also in South Dakota when I first got to go pheasant hunting. It was really fun because I was really excited and nervous to be hunting with other people for the first time. We went out with a bunch of other hunters and I remember the pheasant flying in the sky out of the tall grass and I shot it out of the sky. I was so happy because that was the first time I killed a pheasant. I remember also on that day that  I got two pheasants and my dad was really proud of me. That day my dad showed me how to skin the pheasant so you could get the meat to eat. I remember that Thanksgiving that we gotta eat the pheasant because we shot like 5 in total. When my family was eating them we could not get all the shotgun beebes out so people would spit them out and it was just really funny.


The next time we went pheasant hunting was in a place called Yuma, Colorado, where my brother’s  friend named Tommy lived. He was older than me and lived and worked on a farm and he was really funny.   HIs family owned four pivots of farming land and some fields. He knew a lot of people so we could hunt on a lot of land.  It was great! I got to shoot another pheasant that year and I think we got four pheasants in all. Also, I forget to write  about who fetches the birds - the best dog in the world named Cody! He loves to fetch birds and go hunting and he the sweetest dog in the world because if you were a stranger he would just let you pet him.


Another  time we went hunting was with a family named The Coakleys.  It was a blast!I We got to go hunt with them in Yuma and I don’t think I got a bird that year but we stayed at a  fun motel. At night, there were people in the hottub and we kept throwing soap in the hottub. The other boys and I  would run back to our room to be funny! On that trip, we also shot a lot of clay pigeons. I was really bad at shooting but it was really fun and we shot like a whole box of clay pigeons.  The boys and I were all laughing and eating food and shooting at clay pigeons. That is a really good memory.

Finally, I remember the next time I went hunting was for big game animals. I had  a deer tag. My brother who is older than me also got one. We were both really excited to shoot at our first buck deer.   My brother works on a ranch for some people and they work for the Grazing Association so we got to go hunt out on the Grazing Association which is in Sterling, Colorado. The first weekend we went out there , it was on a Friday,  we saw one deer and tried to shoot it but it was too far away. I remember the next day my dad shot a deer and it was stuck in a draw, an indent in the ground about 50 feet, and we had to pull the deer about 60 feet up and this was really hard because a deer weighs about 700 pounds.  It took over a full hour in the cold to drag the deer up and get it in the truck. That night we skinned it and got the meat. I remember the next Friday we were hurting and I saw a big buck deer and it was right in front of me. I set up on a rock and aimed and shot my gun and the bullet missed.  After that I shot another bullet and it hit the target right on and killed the deer.m I was so happy and filled with adrenaline that I was shaking and my dad was really proud of me! We had to drag it out of a draw about 10 feet and had to skin it on the grass. This made me so happy! When I got home I told my mom I  had got my first buck deer of my life and I kept the antlers.


The most recent time we went hutting was in November of this year. We went pheasant hunting in Yuma,  Colorado. We took our camper out this time and put it in the shed of our friend’s shop. When we went out hunting on Saturday,  I got nothing but my dad got 2 pheasants that day. After that, we went and shot a bunch of shotgun shells at clay pigeons. We probably shot over 300 shells and went through  2 full boxes of clay pigeons. Now that was just one of the most fun times I have ever had. That night we were by the camper and we decided to play cards. We played a good game called “Rummy  500” . It was really fun and we played that until about 11:00 that night. It was a great day! Than the next day, we went out hunting again and there were birds flying over us and my dad got two more but I missed all my shots. My  brother and my dad were the only ones who got birds on that trip. That was the last time we went hunting. Hunting iis really fun over all. This is the end of my story about hunting for now, until I get to go hunting again.