Im(Paws)sibly happy

emerson b.


It was a cold autumn day and it was dry, but that’s just regular old Colorado weather. I was walking off the bus and I knew I was going to get a dog. Flashback to November. I was headed up to my uncle’s house to hopefully find a new furry friend. All I knew was they were all red labs. I was stoked. We arrived and I hopped out of our 2008 Denali on to the dirt, it was muddy from the rain before and my shoes got wet. They were new. But I dusted them off and ran inside. I was greeted by little furry wagging tails. How could I choose just one! I had to look around and see which one I liked most. There were so many choices, but one really stood out. He was chubby, sleepy, and cute as a button. He was perfect. I told my mom and she loved him, so we told my uncle and he gave us the okay. I was so excited I thought I got to take him home that day! Until he told me I had to wait two weeks because he wasn’t old enough. I was devastated. It was the longest two weeks of my life. But that brings us to today.. We were going to get the dog. Initially it was unbelievable I mean it had been so many years since my other dog died of cancer, he was 14. But it was hard on my mom and I so it was a whole healing process before committing to another furry friend. I was so ready. So anyways the bus.

I stood up it was a cool fall day. I felt the waft of the hot air in the bus. I I hopped off the bus running towards the car and I was filled with excitement! I could have exploded! Not literally don’t worry. I see my mom standing by the trunk of the car and I knew what was waiting for me. I saw the trunk slowly rising and finally I saw the grey kennel It was my puppy! I ran forward and saw the sweetest face I have ever seen! I looked at his fur it was a burgundy mixed with white. He’s a red lab. I looked behind him to see the little tail wag. I was 10 at the time so the little things in life to me seemed so big. I had a dog it was the first time in 3 years. I felt on top of the world. I now had a dog that I could also call my best friend it was awesome. But we had to pick a name we crossed between the names “Ollie” and “Oliver” we also thought of “Rufus” which was a pretty bad name. Then I found a name I loved “Cooper” I mean I thought it was fit for the chubby little red lab we had. I pitched it to my mom and she liked it bus wasn’t so sure at first. It was so generic. Basic. But we had no other ideas so we now had a full name. Cooper Lynn Bach. Perfect. Then we found out we knew 3 other dogs named Cooper. It was such a basic name.

Fast forward too now, I am now 14 and my dog and I have an everlasting bond. We walk together, we play together, we run around together, and we snuggle. He is a good boy and I will never forget the feeling of holding him for the first time. I remember feeling like I was flying. Like a bird that had just been released from a cage. With my parents divorce and everything else that had happened previous to that. This dog was my savior. I wanted to tell you all this story because it means so much to me. The little dog that I thought was not going to help me. Has helped me through times where I felt so awful and sad. And I just wanted to share this by telling you that YOU are not alone. There will always be someone even if it is 2 foot tall dog who doesn’t know how to roll over.  I know getting a dog doesn't seem like much. But once you get one then you will understand. And I totally recommend getting a dog over every other animal. Cats aren't that great but that's just my opinion. I hope you have enjoyed reading my story and I hope this had some sort of impact on you.