Impressive Fishing

Coleby D.

On May 23 2018 at 6:50 Am, My friend Colton and his dad Jeff invited me to go bass fishing at Horsetooth Reservoir.  I was so happy because I never get to go with them fishing, Colton is a senior at windsor high school and president of the bass fishing team. Jeff, is his dad and he has fished the professional bass tournaments for many years. It was a little cloudy and cold and looked like it was going to rain so we brought rain jackets with us to be prepared.

We also brought MREs for lunch and dinner, and if you don’t know what MRE’s are they are what army people eat and it just has a meal and snacks in it.

When they picked me up from my house to go fishing we stopped at Sportsmen's Warehouse the store to go get some smallmouth bass baits and lures so we can catch bass. We spent about an hour there finding supplies to catch as much and the biggest bass that we possibly can.

We got on the water about 8:30 Am to start fishing for some small mouth bass and when we got on the water it started to rain a little and we were getting wet so we hurried to get to a little cove that we can get cover from the rain and lighting.

The whole morning after the rain was slow we probably caught a total of 5 small mouth bass and they were all about 1 pound. I was a little mad because we heard that spot we went to had big bass and they bit on anything.

Right around 11:30 is when they started biting and Colton caught the first fish and it was maybe about 2 pounds, I was the second to catch a fish and that was the one that was 4.5 pounds, and it was at the same cove we hid in when it was raining.


After that we started catching them one after the other, they were all about 3 pounds and that is a decent size for a small mouth bass and we did not keep them because most people don't eat bass, you can but they are mainly sport fish where you catch then release .

I kept catching 2-3 pound fish. About 1 hour later I hooked on to an 4.5 pound smallmouth bass and it was the biggest bass I have ever caught and a 4.5 pound bass in big for that species. I was kind of nervous because it almost came off 3 times. The way that I knew that I almost lost the fish three times is because we felt no more fighting on the end of the line so we started reeling in, The fight continued but the third time I was lucky because when it kinda came off the line the bass bite down harder and we hooked him right on the side of his cheek.

We pulled him out of the water and I wa so happy that I caught the bass because I knew I would probably not have another chance like this in my life, We put him on the boat and took the lure out of his mouth and I picked him up and got pictures with the bass and then we had to let him go.

This was my impressive fishing day, i have a lot of pictures and memories i hope to have more fishing days like this in the future.

4.5lbs Small Mouth Bass on Horsetooth Reservoire

4.5lbs Small Mouth Bass on Horsetooth Reservoire