gia C.

Most people have someone or something that inspires them. Inspiration is the process of being mentally encouraged to do or feel something. That something can be to be creative, or finish something, or anything really.

In middle school in 2016 I remember my dad asking me if I wanted to hike up to Horsetooth with me. I was really thinking that day. I knew it was probably long and tiring, but I was also thinking that is was short and easy. But it sounded fun to me so I said yes. So after dropping my mom and sister off at work we headed to the mountains to hike it. On the ride there I started talking to my dad about the hike up there. I would ask things like “Is it difficult?” or “How long does it take to get all the way to the top and how long does it take to get back down?”. He would respond to my questions like there was nothing to worry about. “It isn’t that hard, it's always easier to come back down than going up, but going up is more fun because of all the things you can find and the views.” That made me feel more better about it.

He was telling me about all his hiking stories and how hiking this mountain was probably easy. It was kind of a cold that day. We did not want to go on a super hot day. It wasn’t too hot but it was not freezing cold. The hike up there was tiring but was amazing and beautiful. We saw the view of trees, roads, and cars that slowly got smaller and smaller as we got higher on the mountain. Then we got to see more mountains and pine trees on the way up.   

We bought a backpack with water, a Payday, and a few extra warm clothing. So every once and a while I would stop to take a drink of water and a bite of the payday. During my breaks, I would think about how close I was to the top and how I was doing it, so I was proud of myself. My dad was either behind me watching, by my side, or in front of me telling me to be careful and showing me the way. My dad has hiked many times before, but not with me. So this was my first time hiking with him, so I didn’t mind leading the way or following my dad.

Once we got to the top, I was so relieved and happy. I felt inspired and like I accomplished something. The view was amazing and that is was made me happy and inspired.

It was kind of a cold, cloudy day that day. So when I got to the top, it wasn’t really raining, it was sprinkling, kind of like a mist. There were mountains on the other side of the mountain the I couldn’t see before. It was just beautiful because it was cold and quiet and it was nice to just stand there and look around and think of how I actually did it.

Ever since that day, I started to love the outdoors more.

Getting away from electronics or going outdoors is what inspires my dad. He always tries not to be on his phone that much and in my perspective, he is productive person. But most of the time he likes going outdoors. He sometimes goes to walk or bike around the lake and every few years he goes to hike.

He was pretty happy when I agreed to go hiking with him. Every other time he has went alone, so he was glad that he had someone to go with. He already hike Horsetooth a few times before so hiking up there was nothing for him. But he was proud of me when we got to the top. He would stop me a few times during the hike and tell me a few stories about the hike up there or the mountain in general. So it was pretty cool to hear my dad’s stories about his hikes or some cool facts about the mountain.

But overall we just had a fun time together even though the hike up the mountain was challenging. I really enjoyed getting off of my phone for a few hours and enjoying the fresh air and I’m sure my dad did too.

This memory sticks with me because it was a special time for me. I made it to the top of Horsetooth and I got to do it with someone I love. We had a fun time together even though the hike up there was challenging. I really enjoyed getting off of my phone for a few hours and enjoying the fresh air an I am pretty sure my dad did too.

But you could be inspired by literally anything whether its getting off of electronics for a while or going outside. There are so many different things and people that could inspire you. What or who inspires you?