Moving to hawaii


josiah m.

I have a decision to move to Hawaii or stay here and I chose to move to Hawaii because it's a  different way of life and not much people get that option. I also have lived in Colorado my whole life so I think it will be interesting to finally get away and be able to things I never been able to do.

Over the summer, my mom and her husband met and started dating and then they got married. He’s from Hawaii, and my mom has always wanted to leave Colorado, so they chose to move there. None of us (me and my sisters and my mom) had ever been there. I’ll be leaving all my family--my three cousins, my closest cousin (Caden), my grandma and my aunt, my older sister, my friends… I don’t want to leave my cousin but either we’ll come back for the summer or we’ll fly him out there for the summer.

“How would you feel if we moved out of Colorado to some place with beaches and palm trees?” I was kind of shocked. It was during second period Earth and Space Science and she texted me.

“Seriously?” I texted back. “Where?” I thought she meant California; it was the first place I thought of.

How are you feeling now, moving forward?

I am excited for the new life in Hawaii and I think my family will really like it there.

What are you most excited about?  

I am most excited about the beach and I also think the food is amazing ( from what I heard)

What are you most nervous about?

I am most nervous about the flight and schools

What will you miss most?

I will miss my friends cousin and my sister the most

How are you changing the things you’re doing right now because you know you’re going to be moving?

I really need to work harder in school right now so I can get good grades and get approved for school in Hawaii

What are some of the knowns or unknowns about what your life will be like there?

I'm not sure what the culture is like and how life is there

Talk about the school thing you told me about: what are your feelings/thoughts about that?

My step dad and my mom want me and my sister and step sister to go to a charter school but I really don't want to go, I feel like it's just not the place where I am used to and I don’t think I’ll like it.