our trouble getting to a sandy christmas


Aiden g.

I was so excited to wake up early, we were heading to the Mexico beaches. This was my first time going out of the country and I was excited to see the ruins of Mazatlan. My mom and I had talked about the shipwrecks and exploring the haunted places along the coast with our guides, and hanging out with my family for two and a half weeks.  But we were finally getting close to the airport and out of nowhere when we pulled up to the intimidating bronco at the point of the of the parking lot all hell broke loose and there was a raging blizzard. We finally made it to the airport, it was four days before Christmas, and the sounds of flights delaying all around us and families worrying about getting to Christmas dinner, the sound of  parents and their children bickering and whining because of their boredom, the sound of families wondering if they are going to get to their grandparents house, and the sound of us trying to kill five hours so we can get to Mexico.

At 9:00 in the morning we went to DIA to get on or way to Houston Texas cause that is where we had to stop and do some maintenance on the airplane. My mom and dad were rushing to get to the airport so we could make it on time. But little did they know we were not going to leave DIA until 4:00pm. We were rushing through the airport because we thought we were going to be late to our flight to Houston, Texas. But when we got there we were devastated to hear that our flight was delayed by two hours. We got really bored and antsy waiting for the flight so we started arguing and picking at each other, and that would only make the time go slower and the wait worse. Finally somebody came to announce that we were boarding A’s and B seats so we got up and started to board on our way to Houston, Texas. Two hours late we are getting off our flight in Houston and is just like a summer in Colorado. We were amazed to see how warm it was when we were just in a blizzard two hours ago.

We had just gotten to Houston, Texas and we had an hour and a half to explore the airport so they can prep the plane. But when were on the way to the terminal cause we had ten minutes till board time we get an email.The e-mail said that we had a delay of up to an hour and we were devastated. But we just turned back around and explored more of the airport and saw airplanes taking off. A couple hours later we were called by the terminal and we were finally boarding but we were late, so we had to hurry to get to the terminal cause we're not waiting any longer to get to paradise. We got to the terminal and we got there just in time cause they were closing the doors as we got there. They let us on the plane, and we got some weird looks because we were very late. We had to sit separately because all of the seats were taken and no one wanted to move. But we got there and we were on our way.

We were there, we were actually here none of us thought that we were going to make it here but we did and we were not going to let anything get in our way. Finally our luck changed the line in customs was invisible and we got through in minutes. We stepped outside and our ride was waiting, he greeted us.

He said ¨Hola¨

We said ¨Hola¨

¨Where to?¨ he said

We said ¨To Ramada Resort¨

And we were on our way to a sandy Christmas...