Panthers vs. Eagles

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 9:00 AM New Jersey

   It was 9:00 AM when I was awoken by my cousin, later telling me to get ready soon, he was only 7 so he was also playing around during the time as he is a crazy and funny kid to be around. After stretching for a little bit I later went downstairs to get some breakfast that was already prepared for me then out of nowhere my dad was right next to me, he’s that kind of guy who jokes around with anything he says, so when he gave my little cousin, uncle, and I the pep talk for this game you couldn’t really take him seriously but when he said to try to ignore us getting spit on or trash talked it definitely kind of shook all of us but when he said that the Eagles fans are the most hostile fans in the NFL league it really shook us but I knew that wasn’t going to stop our Panther Pride.

10:00 AM The Car Ride There

My family began driving to Philadelphia at around 9:50AM but didn’t hit the road until about 10 o’clock  because my dad wanted all of us to get a snack at the gas station because it would be bad to stop during the drive and that wouldn’t really be a good Idea to risk getting caught in traffic so we did as we were told and the first thing I went for was a thing of delicious sour cream and onion Pringles. I remember grabbing these as I was just craving them and they are one of my favorite chips but after grabbing these we went to the register and went back on the road.

11:00 AM Kickoff

Kickoff started to the receiving team the Panthers remembering that they were downed at around the 30 yard line. Nothing was as good as being surrounded with Eagles fans talking smack to us saying the Panthers have no chance or whatever but you just gotta laugh it out and hope for the best. Nothing was going on during Q1 during the 15 minutes then Q2 is when stuff started getting real bad the Eagles took the lead with a touchdown and a field goal that lead them to 0-10 which was kind of nerve racking as these fans below us just couldn’t stop talking smack which got kind of annoying but I knew there was going to be some way to get the revenge needed for this game.

1:30PM Comeback Time

After Q2 we got a Philly Cheesesteak during half time to fill us up. After munching for a bit we all started talking about how there had to be some way to score as right now we were in a losing streak during the time being 0-10. Q3 started and we started getting pumped, all of us thinking this is it it’s game time. But, of course we jinx ourselves and the Eagles lead themselves to another touchdown about two minutes in of Q3 leading them to 0-17. Nothing else really happened after that during Q3 until Q4 and that is when things started getting exciting. First touchdown for the Panthers happened around the nine minute mark during the fourth quarter it was great to finally gain some points but our winning confidence felt low to all of us but we still brought some hype to the touchdown. Defense was really doing a great job during Q4 I remember that I noticed the Panthers seemed to be continuing there A game and soon enough we scored another one and that had us at 14-17 and we saw a comeback was still possible with four minutes still left and my dad told us “if they make one more touchdown grab your cousin and run down to the lowest row and see if you can get a ball from Cam” and guess what after the Panthers being at the 1 yard line we ran down and probably the luckiest time we’ve ever had Cam pointed right at my cousin and gave us the game winning ball that led them to 21-17 and led us to having that ball. To this day we still question our luck and amazement and nothing will be better than this day.