This story is in remembrance of Christina Alexander.

Aiden A.

It was November 4th, 2016. Aiden had just woken up from a nice sleep and was getting ready for the day. He normally would wake up this early and be ready for the day by 6:30. He was determined and would always get his assignments done. It looked to be another bright autumn morning outside, and light would soon fill the house like water being poured into a glass. The crisp flower that is fall would begin to blossom. Who knew that this would be one of the most dramatic days in his life. He walked upstairs and got himself some breakfast when he realized something.


His mother, Christy, had been sleeping on the couch strait up and was snoring loudly. Christy is a kind, empathetic person who had troubles with her constant headaches recently. She only wanted the best for her kids as she is constantly sick. Her neck had laid back and was probably the source of her neck pain that she complains about. He tried to remain quiet when getting his breakfast. His siblings would soon join in getting breakfast, with his brother having a very worried expression compared to his own.

Aiden’s brother, Preston, is a very nice person with an optimistic view on life, but in not often serious. Preston’s expression changed to a sad and worried with a hint of depression when he saw his mother that day. Aiden however, knew everything was fine. This was normal, he had always seen her sleeping on the couch, but something just felt off today. Their other sibling, their sister Madelynn, had commented on their mom’s condition. Madelynn is the youngest sibling of Aiden that loves to participate in group based activities and loves to cooperate. Her connection with her brothers was not always perfect, so relations were not as sympathetic.

“Is she ok”, she asked “ something seems wrong.” Madelynn’s expression worsened and she seemed as worried as Preston.

Aiden said, “Maybe she had been watching TV sitting up and fell asleep, or she had been sleep walking again.” He tried to lighten the mood.

The morning continued on normally with loud snoring in the background as the kids were eating. Their dad, Robert, came into the room normally, until he had noticed Christy’s condition. He had her lay down and everything had resumed as usual.

“Will she be ok?” Preston asked. Preston was a very sensitive person and displayed his emotions very heavily.

“She should be fine,” Robert commented “ she just stayed up late last night and is probably very tired.” That was the first day where Christy did not say goodbye as her kids left for school.

The school day had played out normally like every other day. New lessons and more homework were added to the agenda. The carpets in the main hallways were welcoming and provided a promising feeling and the classrooms had a sense of wonder that was so recognizable. The joy of the weekend loomed over them as the students would get time to themselves as it was a Friday that day, so Aiden and Preston had to go this club called Lego League, just like every other normal Friday. They had only been there for about five minutes when Robert came in telling them it was time to go. The two of them did not know why, and even their pastor from church, Kelly, drove them home.

Kelly was an inspiring man that wants to show others compassion every day through is acts. He had wanted to help the Alexanders in their situation. His truck was cramped and seemed dark, even though it was a bright and beautiful day outside. The mood had also darkened as the scent of melancholy and dread in a way had filled the car.

As they drove, Aiden asked “What’s wrong? Did something happen at the house or do we have an appointment to be at?” He had a sudden suspicion of something bad happening soon.

“You will find out once we get there.” Robert said with what seemed to be sad expression on his face.

Preston was also very confused. He asked Kelly “Why are you picking us up in your car?”

Kelly said “ We were in a rush and just chose this car”.

“But why are you here.” Preston asked kind of upset.

Kelly hesitated, “This situation is much more dire than you think”, Kelly said trying to remain calm and pleasing.


They soon arrived at their house and Kelly’s wife Brandi was also there. Kelly had told they boys the news while their sister Madelynn was pulled aside by Brandi to tell her something.

“I did not expect this and neither did your father,” Kelly said, “your mother had passed away in her sleep and it was a peaceful and painless death.”

The two boys’ hearts sunk.

Christy had passed away due a heart attack in her sleep. Robert had found this out when he returned to from work for lunch at the house and still say Christy sleeping there, but her snoring had stopped. He check her pulse…and proved that it dissipated. He had called an ambulance to take the body to the hospital, however it was too late. That was the first time that Aiden had seen his father even shed a tear.

They held a funeral a week later with everyone they knew. Everyone had a connection with Christy had came to it. Some had been hit much harder than others. Those being the direct family members and very close friends. The Alexanders had a struggle that did not go away easy. Especially the kids. Preston had wished he had said something to her before she passed and Madelynn having the same experience. Aiden however, had been hit with the tough truth.

Life is not perfect and this is the universe’s way of saying that.