Rushing water


brandon w.

It was a normal Summer Thursday. I had woken up, gone to work, and had a normal morning. After lunch I notice some clouds above the mountains now was almost 5 and my uncle and I were working on a shed when we saw dark black clouds rolling above us. We were working as fast as we could to. The huge dark clouds were rolling towards us and the gray sheet of rain. The sheet of rain came and hit like  started to rain and each calf has its own 5 by 3 foot plastic hutch they live in and each one has a window in the back that they are fed from so we rushed to the calf to hurry and close 100 windows and then we went and sat in our shop and watched we sat there for 10 minutes and the sound of hail on the steel roof were like little bombs each one ripping through crops and after the storm had left I got on my old red 4 wheeler and rode around clearing the drain pipes from straw when I went over to clear the pipe by our calves and I walked up to my cousin and asked “is everything ok here” she replied we have 2 calves that got out and we both started looking around and I called my dad then my worst fear came to life when I heard her yell there is a calf in the ditch As I looked over I saw the calf at the bottom of the steep bank struggling in the water and I told my dad “get over here fast” I jumped on the 4 Wheeler and sped to the bridge and crossed it and sped over to where I saw the calf and jumped off the 4 wheeler and as I peered into the brown rushing water I saw hailstones, sticks and grass passing by like leaves in the wind from miles away then I saw the calf helplessly splashing around on the slick bank trying to find anything the get its feet on so I slid down 8ft bank and felt the cold water fill my boot as I slid into the water next to it so I could stop it from sliding into the water and then help came like an ambulance to a car crash my dad came up and helped me pull the calf up the bank and after we got it up onto the ditch road it just stood there bewildered shivering probably wonder how and if it was alive it was then taken to its hutch with fresh straw where it could rest. To this day I still have no idea how that little 80 pound calf only a couple of weeks old made it across that ditch.