sport injury


Ismael C.P.

I started playing soccer with my family since I was little we enjoyed to play every weekend and my dad told me, “Dang, you’re really good! Why don’t you play for a team?”

I said, “Ya that would be fun.” So he signed me up and I played for a team in Loveland, CO. My team was really good we went 7-2.

A couple years later my parents got divorced I still continued to play soccer my dad still went to all my games to support me. One day after my game, he asked me if I wanted to go stay with him in Greeley I said “yes” and that night some friends and some cousins asked if I wanted to play soccer with them I said sure. So we started playing the score was 5-3 my team was winning. I was about to make the score 6-3 but my cousin went after me and tried to get the ball but instead he accidentally tripped me.

I put my hands out to break my fall but instead my elbow snapped. I went home to my tell my dad but he was already sleeping so I had to wait till the next morning. But the pain of my arm couldn’t let me sleep I tried putting ice on it but still hurt. No matter what I did.