the dingo


gavin h.

My dog is kinda a dog and kinda not. He is not a dog but a type of tamed dingo. This was not known at the time and this has only been found out recently. This makes him hyper and more pack oriented than some other dogs. This also makes him a really beautiful golden brown with white belly

So about 5 years ago on 17th of October 2015 is when Kai got hit by a car. That morning Kai had seen a cat across the street and barked and barked and barked. was leaving the house to go  to school and me and my mom heard a loud yelp. We looked to see a car in front of Kai in the middle of the street.

My om ran out and picked him  up and put him in the back of the car with me. The vet said everything else was ok but his leg was broken. The vet also said it would cost a lot and my mom wasn’t sure if  she wanted to because we hadn’t had him for only a couple months.