the effects of drunk driving


skylar c.

8:30 a.m I woke up to a beautiful Thanksgiving sunrise. As usual, every holiday I wake up
happy to celebrate the day. My mom came in around 8:50-9:00. When she walked in her face gave me the expression that something was wrong. She looked stressed, upset, and traumatized.

“Hey Sky, I don’t want you to talk to Hunter about this because he is already very upset but… This morning whenever Kyle and Nash were on their way back from the concert and they got into a head on collision. Kyle died and Nash is on life support”. This happened on a hill on I-25, they didn’t see the lights until they hit the hill. They didn’t have enough time to move over and save themselves. Hunter was supposed to go, I’m glad he didn’t. I would never see my brother again. As I was still processing all of this I didn’t believe it for one bit. I felt like I got shot in the heart three times.

“You are joking… I know you are.” All I felt was pain and grief already. I’ve never felt so hurt and sad inside. I had to let it out with a cry.

Kyle Nackos. Tall, funny, kind, handsome, sweet, caring, and humble. He was probably the most respectful sweet person I have ever met. I first met Kyle when he came over with my brother, which was very often. Hunter and Kyle really enjoyed playing sports together. Hunter gave up on sports but when Kyle met him, it changed his perspective on sports. Kyle  came over and had dinner with us pretty often. One time we sat and talked for an hour or two and just talked about high school and that he was already out of high school. Kyle worked for his dad doing yard work like fixing grass and stuff. Our family just decided to start working on a yard and thank god we met him. Our yard still looks good now. He was a very hardworking person that was very determined to make things nice. I miss him very much and I’m sure he is having a blast up in Heaven right now.

Nash Rider. Funny, creative, sweet, and beautiful voice. Nash is actually the funniest person I have ever met. He knows how to make you laugh whenever you are down. Nash really enjoyed concerts and hanging with his friends. Nash came over usually every night! Hunter and Nash laughed, a lot. I miss his sweet laugh and smile everyday. He always gave me advice for like going into a new grade or even high school which was coming up. He said he would always be there for me.

Kyle and Nash were honestly the sweetest guys I have ever met in my life. They were respectful, always there for their friends, and super kind. I miss them being around to make me laugh. Just every time I look at a picture of them it makes me remember how much I miss them.

November 24, 2016 was the first day I have ever cried so hard and so much. We couldn’t even enjoy our Thanksgiving with friends we invited from out of state. The next day, I was still grieving. That week was the hardest and I needed to leave the state for a while. I went and visited my grandma until it was close to my birthday. I got back soon enough, I needed it, but it still hurt and it still does to know he is gone. All I want to say is, thank you Kyle and Nash for giving me a new perspective in life.

The drunk driver doesn’t know how much it affected our community with them gone. Drunk driving is never okay and not safe at all. It kills people or leaves them with a  disability. I hope that everyone is against it and will let people know not to do it, especially high schoolers.