the Legend of zelda day and night

allison kirby


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My name is Dawn. I am sixteen years old, I have blonde shoulder length hair and sky blue eyes. My story takes place in a land called Hyrule. I live in a village titled Hateno Village, it’s a popular town due to great marketing. I work at a bar as a waitress. I have always dreamed of going on an adventure, but sadly my father wouldn’t let me. One, fateful day, during my one hour break, I was snooping in my parents room, I do that when I’m bored, I opened one of the drawers in my mother’s dresser and saw the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. A necklace of some kind, it was shaped into what looked like a sun, the center was a rich orange color and the flares were a yellowish red color. The string connecting it was solid gold, I had a sudden urge to touch it and I did. As soon as my finger touched the necklace I had images run through my mind, images of twin babies, one boy one girl, the boy had midnight black hair but I was not able to see his eyes. The girl, however, had blonde hair and my sky blue eyes. Around her neck was the same necklace I touched, around the boy’s neck was a necklace I had never seen before, it was a moon shaped necklace that was all silver. When I woke up, I was on the floor, my waitress dress was burned and slightly tattered on the ends. In my hand was the necklace I had touched. Standing in front of me was my parents, they had a worried look on their faces. “Dawn, are you okay?” my mother asked. “Yes Mother, I’m fine.” I said.

“What’s that?” my father asked in a worried tone. I immediately put the necklace behind my back.


My mother walked around me and took the necklace from my hand. “She knows!” she gasped.

“What do I know?” I asked, confused as a lizalfos. My parents looked at each other then at me.

“Perhaps it is time to tell you the truth.”


I woke up in my cot, my clothes were sitting in the corner of the room. I got out of the cot and got dressed in my black shirt and grey leggings, I had no shoes but I didn’t really care. My necklace was in its normal place, atop the dresser. My black hair was a mess but I didn’t brush it because I didn’t think anything would happen that day. Just when I picked it up to wear, my necklace started glowing a silver light, it was fortune that my curtains were closed. I then saw an image of teenage girl who looked my age, she had long blonde hair and sky blue eyes. Standing in front of her were possibly her parents, they were talking about something I could not hear, but the girl had a devastated look upon her face. Then I heard “Go to the top of Mount Lanayru. You will find your answers there.”. The voice sounded like it belonged to an older woman, her mother perhaps. The image stopped, and I got up from the floor. I went to inform the king of an arrival. On my way to The Castle of Shadow, other people of the Shadow village started whispering amongst themselves. I knew who the mothers were gossiping about, who the fathers were scolding and who the sons and daughters were rumoring about, me. I’m always the bad talk of the town, I have normal hylian skin while my hair is midnight black, everyone else has coal black skin and ivory white hair. Surprisingly, I’m the king’s favorite.

As I entered the castle, I told the king of my vision.

“Well, we best get ready for a new arrival!” the king said with a bit of joy in his voice.

“What shall I tell the chief?”

“Tell her to raise the crystal gate. We will want our guest not to feel threatened.”

And so I ran to the Guards Post, where I am always welcome to learn swordsmanship, I specialize in a bow and arrow but the chief only does swords. “Well, what brings you here boy?” she asked me. “I have a message from the king.”


“The king wants you to raise the Crystal Gate, we have a guest coming soon.”

“Alright, raise the Gate!”

She commanded the other soldiers. The sound of the fifty ton gate lifting off the ground filled the valley. “Thank you for informing me Dusk. Come back anytime for swordsmanship.”

“I’ll think about it.”