the robber in the dark


joshua K.

It was a dark and windy night. My parents and me were  getting ready to a school to watch fireworks.

We got in the car and drove to the school we were watching the fireworks at.

We have arrived at the school. It was packed with a lot of cars and people. This was a brand new experience for me.

I was in the car with my family and I thought I saw a guy in a black mask. It was a weird experience. But  I think it was funny because I was so little and I thought it was strange . My mom and dad were in the car with me. It was the 4th of July and we were at the park to watch getting ready to watch the fireworks and hang out with friends. We got out of the car and took a walk. It was warm in are so We wanted to have some fresh air. and then the weirdest thing happened. This time  we saw these two guys. They looked like they had masks on. The guys started acting weird. They had something in their hands and were trying to hide whatever it was. They didn’t see us at this time because we were hiding from them.

At this time my dad is wanting to call the police and tell them these guys were messing with stuff and acting suspicious and acting like they had a gun. My dad yelled at them. They looked behind them and they ran away. My dad takes off to run after them and follows them to a warehouse. He gives up and leaves because he doesn’t know what kind of trouble might be in the warehouse.

The two guys that robbed  people at the park were freaked out and told the rest of the team about the guy chasing after them. They know they have to tell the boss man they were followed. They get in trouble by the boss and get suspended for 5 weeks without pay. Jim is hearing all of this and he wants out. He doesn’t want to rob anymore. Jim doesn’t want to get arrested and put in jail. He needs to make a plan of escape.

Jim decides to talk to the two young kids who robbed at the park. He wants them to get out of this horrible life because they are so young and shouldn’t be living like this. But they didn’t listen to Jim. They like the life and stealing from people.

Jim decides to leave the team. But he has to sneak out to get out safely. He is feeling really sad right now. He’s sad because he knows he will have to betray his team or family in order to be free.

Jim walks to the police station that night. He tells them all that has happened with the stealing and the businesses being robbed by the boss man.  He has dates and amounts of the jobs he helped with. Jim knows that he will have to serve time. He knows because some of the robberies he committed with a gun so the time will be more.

Jim takes the police to the warehouse the next day when the boss man is going to be there for the money trade. The police surprise the team and catch them with the money. They all get arrested and taken to jail.  The police station was a mess. The robbers were fighting and swearing. The boss man was so disappointed that jim would betray the life of stealing. The boss man was a mean person. When people told him not to take something he threatened them. Had bad ok really bad background. His mom died of cancer and his dad was abusive. His dad would hit him punch him. One day he heard that is dad got shot from a gangster. He was so mad and angry he found the gangster and showed no mercy and killed him. Since then boss man aka Victor Clyde was a mean and nasty person.the team was the same  way. But they have learned their lesson of stealing. The boss man hasn't. Kevin is the victor's best friend they were bullies and jerks to people. Kevin had a little bit more brighter story. Kevin's dad had a heart attack and died. His mom couldn't live without him. Kevin wanted to do wrestling. So he came home one day after practice and his mom was not home. He checked on his phone she was leaving home. Kevin got so angry in a wrestling match he sent 5 people to the hospital.3 survived the other two died. Kevin was still angry. Victors 2 best friend Ronnie Wilson was a quick and smart guy he did karate and was the best on the team. He went to college and never saw them again. His whole family got into a accident. He was so shocked he felt responsible. He meet Kevin and victor one day. They became friends with Rony. Rony is a sassy and bad person. But he fits in.

The police take the team back to the station. They get them ready for jail time. Jim gets two months of jail time for his bad decisions. With all his help the police decide to go easy on him. He will have probation for a few years. jim finally is out he finds a job to do he decides he wants to be a police. So jim asks the police officer that is walking him out. The police officer said they have a shortage of officers. Jim takes the job. A couple days later jim gets his first call. It was a robbery. Jim knows what to do in this situation...act like one. Jim's life was like victors. But jim was sad. He wanted to get money so he could go live with his cousins in Florida. He didn't get enough. He didn't like it. Victor was a jerk to him rony and kevin were to. He felt like he didn't belong. So he decided to tell the police. Jim is now the head officer of the the police. A policeman came to let them out. Victor, kevin and ronnie killed the officer. The other ones went to a normal life. Victor rony and kevin escaped. Jim heard about it. He had two of his best officers and him to go get them.