The stranger

jada s.

We’re all excited, screams, laughs, cotton candy, and memories were about to be heard and seen. I was nervous and worried because I felt like they were going to make me ride the rides. I can hear my heart in my head “thump thump” “thump”!  The stranger realizes I seem nervous and overwhelmed. He taps me on my shoulder and asks me to ride some rides with him. I kept pushing away and saying no every time him and his friend asked me. They all begged and wouldn’t leave alone until I rode atleast one ride with them. I finally gave up and told them “one and i’m done”. The stranger and I went on the ride and I ended up having a lot of fun and we laughed together and I almost cried, but I met someone I felt connected with. Everything changed after that night at the fair.

The stranger’s birthday passed and I decided to send him a message to surprise him and tell him happy birthday, he really liked the message and we talked everyday since then. I got good morning and good night texts from him and then one day he asked me on a date where we would meet in person for the second time since the fair where we met. He took me to a movie and we watched “The Meg”. We made jokes about the movie and laughed the whole time. It was fun and different, We got along really well and once the night ended and he walked me out he gave me a good night kiss and we instantly felt a spark. It felt magical. Almost too good to be true but it happened and it made me the happiest girl in the world at that moment. We hung out a few times after that at each other’s houses and we got to know each other’s families. His family was an amazing family, they all were so confident and had tough love for each other. I felt so happy and they made me feel so welcome into their home and I got along with them so well and I felt like I had a second family. I took the stranger with me to a “Bruno Mars” concert and we had so much fun, we would jump and sing and dance with each other and we felt so alive, so happy, and cheerful. At the end of the concert, we went outside to our car. But before we got out there we saw it was raining. We ran into the dark rainy night and he gave me his jacket to put over my head as we were both running and laughing to the car. It felt magical and once in a lifetime moment. A few weeks later the stranger surprised me by asking me to homecoming. He put rose gold balloons that said “HOCO?” on my bedroom wall, with real roses in a vase and roses in the shape of a heart on my bed with a bag of presents. It was the nicest and most thoughtful thing anyone has done for me and I immediately fell in love. I was so happy and full of joy and excitement. When homecoming came along he asked me to dance to a slow song with him. Of course I said ‘YES!” As we were dancing he whispered in my ear and told me “I love you, this is my first time ever dancing with someone.” I felt like I was on air, I felt at peace and felt comfort with happiness and joy. I have never been so in love with someone before and I wanted to cherish that moment and feeling forever. We had so many memories. So many laughs. We cried together, I always gave him a shoulder to cry on and he always gave me one. We had each other’s backs no matter what. I felt like myself with him and I felt like there could be nobody else to make me feel this way. He was 1 in a million. He meant the world to me and I would take a bullet for him any day. Until one day, 4 months later everything changed…

After giving the stranger all my love and trust into him, he was gone. No more kisses, no more hugs, cries, laughs, memories. He left and I never spoke to him again. He cheated, he lied to me about everything. I realized there at that moment that none of it was real. But to me it was real, just not for him. My heart shattered into a million pieces, I felt empty and nothing but sadness. I couldn’t eat or talk without crying for 3 days straight. I was in such shock I couldn’t breathe without feeling pain and hurt. The feeling was as painful as having 3 knifes stabbed through your chest. The most pain I have ever felt. The one thing that meant so much to me, I would die for, live for, kill for...was gone. I did everything for this stranger, I gave him all my love, my loyalty and hope and faith. I lifted him back up before I could lift myself up. He helped me through so much and he gave me so much happiness and joy. He was my laugh, cry, happiness, joy and pride in my life and I didn’t have him anymore. A few days later I went to his house to give him all the stuff he bought for me back to him because it hurt too much to keep and look at everyday knowing that person is going to be no longer a part of my life. That night we said our goodbyes, the time went by slowly as if time didn’t want me to leave. It felt wrong and I feared losing him forever but my nightmare was standing right in front of me and I had to face it. We said our goodbyes and he asked for one last kiss and ever since then….he’s gone. Never trust nobody and always love yourself first before you can love anyone else. Don’t go through the pain I went through and always prepare for the worst even when your at your best. Love yourself, and say goodbye to the stranger because your only growing stronger from it and he taught you a lot. Protect your heart from strangers like him, no matter how much you love them.