What it means to escape


Worries about your job, your stress, your homework, worries. You worry worry about tomorrow, you worry about yesterday, you worry about what might come next…

Escaping can mean many things for different people, some people like to travel others like to stay home.

Escaping for me is a feeling of freedom like there’s nothing to worry about anything else in the world. I have many things that make me feel this way, but the one that helps me the most is going on drives at night or just being outside at night. I love the feeling of fresh air in my lungs and the coolness in my nose, the loud music playing on my phone. In the beginning of freshman year during the football season my friends and I would walk to my house and than the game. Those walks to my house were some of the most fun my friends and I had, we would talk about all kinds of stuff, and just hang out in the cold sometimes rainy nights.

My brother has a different perspective on things, he likes to play the bass and video games. His feeling of escape is playing video games with his friends.

“Why do you like to play games all the time?” I asked him

“I like to talk to my friends and the adrenalin from the intense games.” He said with a confident look. I always liked to play video games but not as much as he did, I never understood how he could be so into a game like that. One thing my brother and I have in common is we like to hang out with our friends because they bring out the fun side of us. We both have a different feeling of escape, he likes to be in intense moments with his friends I like to be in a calm cool place be myself.


My mom has has one of the weirdest way to escape her worries, she likes to clean or feel clean. I hate cleaning but I need to do it every once in a while. I know some people that find it satisfying. One morning after breakfast I went down the stairs and my mom was cleaning.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“I’m cleaning.” she replied with a stress tone of voice

“Why it’s too early to be cleaning right now.” I answered even though she didn't seem in a good mood.

“It helps me calm down.” she said, I could tell she was lying without knowing because after awhile she became more stressed on how the room should look. The more she does clean the more she thinks it should be cleaner.

“This room is so MESSY!!” she was stressing over, even though the room was the cleanest I’ve ever seen.

Escape those worries, be free of stress, Escape. Travel, be with friends just to escape. Have nothing holding you back and go forward with no regret be free, escape. The feeling of escaping all your worries is amazing and refreshing.